Watch the Concert

The complete Young People's Concert of January 31, 2014.

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Explore Music

Interactive Videos

New York Philharmonic teaching artists lead you through fun, participatory encounters with musical themes and ideas of The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. Each video takes about 15 minutes to complete. These activites will enrich your viewing of the full Young People's Concert. Play in any order and enjoy!

Character Traits in Music

Join teaching artists Chris Gross and Janey Choi to learn about how music, like literature, can convey character traits.

Activity Guide (Link to PDF)

Singing Henry Purcell's Theme

Teaching artist Erin Wight teaches you to sing a beautiful theme composed by Henry Purcell, which provided the basis for Benjamin Britten's variations in The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra.

Activity Guide (Link to PDF)

Variations in Music and Character

How do you make a variation on a theme? Find out with teaching artist Richard Mannoia.

Activity Guide (Link to PDF)

Use this playful, interactive tool to compose your own variations on Henry Purcell's theme! Activity Guide (Link to PDF)

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Curriculum Guide

Classroom Resources

Download resources for teachers. Lesson plans written by New York Philharmonic teaching artists and partner classroom teachers for grades 3–12.