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Choose the correct fact from the right column to match the names on the left.

1. Theodore Thomas

2. Gustav Mahler

3. Kurt Masur

4. Edwin Booth

5. Jascha Heifetz

6. Arthur Rubinstein

7. Pierre Boulez

8. Fritz Kreisler

9. Walter Damrosch

10. Sergei Rachmaninoff

11. Zubin Mehta

12. Arturo Toscanini

13. Anton Rubinstein

14. Leonard Bernstein

15. Louis Gottschalk

16. Ole Bull

17. Anton Seidl

A. Invented New York Philharmonic "Rug Concerts"

B. "Hercules of the piano"

C. Started playing piano professionally when he was 45

D. Led an orchestra that was a Philharmonic rival

E. Commissioned Gershwin's Concerto in F for the Philharmonic

F. 19th-century virtuoso with Creole heritage

G. Made New York Philharmonic conducting debut at age 25

H. Son of Norway, admirer of Paganini's violin playing

I. Great symphonist, died during his Philharmonic tenure

J. He was born in Parma, Italy

K. Most popular mid-20th-century pianist

L. Flamboyant Hungarian conductor of the Philharmonic

M. Played for Kreisler when he was only 11

N. Long associated with the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra

O. Famous American actor

P. Charming Viennese violin virtuoso

Q. Born in Bombay, educated in Vienna