The Growing Orchestra Tree

Very Young Composer Luis Diaz works with New York Philharmonic cellis Eric Bartlett

The New York Philharmonic, conducted by Roberto Minczuk, performs the works of PS 165 Students.  Mark Dichter's documentary highlights the process by which these students created this groundbreaking orchestral music.  This is a concise (6-minute) introduction illustrating the concepts and behind the Very Young Composers.  Film by Mark Dichter, April 2003.

The Composer’s Bridge, June 2009

Photo by Katie Kleen

These are audio selections from our Middle School program.  Graduates of the Very Young Composers grade school classes got together for the first time last year to continue their composing!  They created, notated and orchestrated their own music for a small ensemble of New York Philharmonic members and Teaching Artists.  The selections you hear will be rotated from time to time, so that all the students will have their works represented here eventually.

Burns Park Elementary School Kids Get Creative!

Illustration by a fifth grader from Burns Park Elementary School

Fifth-grade students of the Ann Arbor, Michigan area school turn a simple "Thank You, Jon" into brilliantly creative songs and sound explorations.  This is an example of classroom composition, as contrasted with individual work.  Coordinated by Cynthia Page-Bogen, music teacher, November 2009.