To get maximum enjoyment from the Kidzone, you need to have three things:

  1. A recent browser (we recommend Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0 or later)
  2. Shockwave
  3. QuickTime

Use the links above to download these items, or read on for more details.

AOL makes the site look funky!

Eric from Edmonton writes:
I’m using AOL 3.0 and everything on the site looks kind of funky. Why is that?

You need to upgrade! You are worth it Eric. You deserve better. You deserve AOL 4.0 or higher. It comes with Internet Explorer 4.0 built in, and its really good and makes this site look amazing! Don’t hold back. Get it NOW!

Click here to get free upgrade to AOL 4.0

My Browser isn't Big Enough! I Can't See Everything!

Betty from Boston blurts out: I can’t see all the things on the menu, they are cut off, but I have lots of space on the sides. What’s happening?

Well Betty, its not that your browser isn’t big enough, the problem may be that its really old and tired. It wants to retire. All this new technology is just too much for it. Explorer Version 3.0 for example just can’t cope with ‘frames’ very well. We recommend you let it gracefully age - somewhere else! Upgrade to Explorer 4.0 or better. You won’t regret it. (Your Welcome!) Netscape versions 4+ work really well too. P.S. Netscape 3.0 is ok.

Click here to get free upgrade to Explorer
Click here to get free upgrade to Netscape

Fernando from New York asks:
Is there a way to get more on my screen? I want to be able to see more at one time.

As a matter of fact there is one thing you can try. You might want to change your screen resolution of your monitor. You can change the monitor settings in your control panel to a higher screen resolution. Standard settings are 600 x 800. Older monitors may be set at 640 x 480. On a windows machine,

  1. Press the START button, scroll up to SETTINGS, then click on CONTROL PANEL.
  2. Double Click on the MONITOR (or DISPLAY) icon.
    Click on the SETTINGS tab,
  3. Click on DESKTOP AREA (or SCREEN SIZE), you should have the choice of LESS (on the left side) or MORE (on the right side). You may have one or more choices for settings.
  4. Choose at least 600 x 800 setting, or more if you want even more to display on your screen.
  5. Click on OK, then OK again, then YES to keep the adjusted settings.
  6. If you don’t like them (too small to read) you can adjust to a different setting.

Shockwave, Flash & Quicktime, RealPlayer (aka Interactivity, Animation & Video Clips )

Timmy from Tucson asks:
What is shockwave and why do I need it to view this site? Is it really worth waiting to download it?

You bet its worth it! Shockwave is a free program called a "plug-in" that allows you to listen to great music, and explore interactive stuff, like the composer’s gallery. If you don't already have it, click here to download it:

It only takes a couple of minutes to download. Be sure to follow the directions for installing it. Don’t forget to make sure you have speakers and a soundcard in your computer to hear the music.

Debbie from Detroit writes:
I have shockwave and love it. Do I need flash too?

Yes, you should have them both. Usually when you install shockwave you have the choice to install flash too. Please Do! Click here to download the latest version:

Vicky from St. Louis writes:
Do I need both QuickTime and Real Player? What are they for?

Great question! Actually you need the free QuickTime plug-in to play some of the activities in the Creating Music Composition Studio built by Mort Subotnick. In addition, to view the video interviews you need either Quicktime or Real Player, though we recommend Quicktime.

Click here for QuickTime
Click here for RealPlayer

Hearing the Music

Dr. Know from Newport says:
I’m not hearing any music when I click on the little arrow. How come?

Well, this could be for a couple of different reasons. Lets walk through a few steps and see if we can track it down. You need to have 3 things,

  1. a sound card in your computer,
  2. speakers (or headphones), and
  3. the SHOCKWAVE plug-in.

Step 1) Do you hear sound when use your computer for other programs? If not, you might not have a sound card or speakers or your computer may not be set up properly. Mac machines come with sound cards and speakers built in. One way to test a windows machine is to check the SOUND SETTINGS in your CONTROL PANEL. If you don't hear SOUNDS then you probably don't have a sound card.

For WIN95 you can check your machine as follows:

  • Press the START button, scroll up to SETTINGS, then click on CONTROL
  • Double Click on the SOUND icon. Try to preview some of the sounds.
  • If this doesn't work, you need to get help from your local computer expert.

Step 2) Do you have Shockwave correctly installed?
Click here to test your installation and get Shockwave help.

Good Luck and enjoy New York Philharmonic’s KIDZONE!